Why Open Streets MattersWhy Open Streets Matters

Why Open Streets Matters

When Wichita put on its first Open Streets event in 2017, it changed our city’s perception of neighborhoods and likely…

8 months ago
Why Wichita Music MattersWhy Wichita Music Matters

Why Wichita Music Matters

How can we as Wichitans offer our support to the musicians, artists and show promoters who help create the soundtrack…

10 months ago
Why Public Art MattersWhy Public Art Matters

Why Public Art Matters

Public art defines areas, or even entire cities. So what pieces have that resonance here in Wichita, and how do…

12 months ago
Why Public Education MattersWhy Public Education Matters

Why Public Education Matters

Wichita schools — and public schools in general — are often maligned with negative perceptions. But these schools educate a…

1 year ago