St. Louis Restaurant Review Launches Directory

St. Louis, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview) St. Louis Restaurant Review has officially launched a restaurant directory.  The company will be adding restaurants that participate in their upcoming online ordering system.

One website that promotes restaurants that offer detailed information about local establishments and offering online ordering from multiple restaurants.  The site is designed to provide prospective consumers more than a star rating system.  Still, the review site provides a significant amount of content to help consumers make better dining decisions.

The benefits to restaurants are its ability to promote the restaurants better using news, social media, blog post, syndication network, and more.  Most importantly, this platform cost the restaurants a significantly less commission compared to the leading competitors.  Some of the top competitors charge as much as 33% of the gross ticket.  However, this platform will cap at 15% of ticket.

Restaurants will be notified of orders from various sources, including text, fax, email, and access to a dashboard that lists orders as received.

There is no fee to join the program and no hidden fees.  Most of the marketing expenses are paid for by the commission unless the establishment desires additional marketing expenses.

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