Feed Publish offers digital marketing services created to enhance your website search engine rankings

Feed Publish offers multiple products & services, including:

  1. Guest Posts
  2. RSS Feed Aggregation
  3. Business Directory Listing

Additional Services:

  1. Content Writing
  2. Link Insertion
  3. Press Release Distribution

Guest Posts

Guest Posts are a very normal and highly effective strategy for building links, using content marketing to enhance your branding creating a diverse group of links.

RSS Feed Aggregation

Blog Aggregation is an excellent linking-building strategy if you are actively posting on your business blog.  As we aggregate, we set the system to give a link to the source.  These links are indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo to help your search rankings.

Business Directory Listings

Business Directory Listings are another worthy strategy to help build your web presence and increase links to your website.  Yelp is a business directory.  Google My Business is a business directory.  Business directory listings are a normal and necessary strategy to enhance your rankings.

Content Writing

Content Writing Services – some people are not comfortable writing or do not have the time to create unique content.  We are professional writers.  We publish hundreds of news articles.  We use systems to ensure that your content is unique and not considered plagiarized.  For an additional fee, based on word-count, we will produce content for you on a case-by-case basis or a routine budget and then use our massive high-quality network to publish that content.

Link Insertion

Link Insertion service is affordable and effective.  We have a significant amount of content that we can link to your website.  Links are the most effective SEO strategy to enhance your website’s search results.

Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution is a strategy designed to get your information in front of journalists to pick up your news and help promote it as news.  We have partnered with the best press release distributors in the industry to ensure that your money and efforts are effective.

Additional Guest Post Options

Click on one of the following links to explore additional options for a guest post:

  1. STL.News – $75 for large distribution – CLICK to learn more.
  2. – $19.95 – CLICK to learn more.