Restaurants, Reduce Your Costs on a Variety of Services With One Click

(  Receive competitive quotes for some of your most costly business functions without speaking to a herd of salespeople. Our partners in payroll, credit card processing, employee benefits, HR, worker’s compensation and the PEO offer some of the lowest costs anywhere.

We offer a personalized service to match you with the best providers. Fill out a short form and we’ll reach out to assess your needs. Then, we’ll pair you with the best suppliers. You’ll find the perfect pricing and services without fielding dozens of calls.

Our concierge service can match you with services in:

Professional Employer Organization (PEO):
PEOs help streamline employee functions so businesses can focus on what they do best: creating revenue. Alongside managing the payroll process, PEOs provide cost savings with workers comp, major medical, financial planning and more.

Human Resources Outsourcing:
Are you struggling to keep up with ever-changing state and federal labor laws? Our offsite HR partners can help you manage everything, shielding you from potential violations and fines, and providing security and peace-of-mind.

Employee Benefits:
Let’s face it, it is an employee’s market. Labor shortages have companies scrambling to attract and retain talent. A sound benefits program is a key to healthy, happy employees and our partners can provide you with the best pricing and service.

Payroll Processing:
Are ever-changing state and federal mandates making payroll a headache? Our partners make payroll a cinch, ensuring your employees are paid on time while keeping you compliant with all laws and mandates.

Workers Compensation:
Most states require a business to have workers compensation for good reason. Our partners offer a variety of options to help you make the best decision for your employees and your business.

Credit Card Processing:
With so many companies out there how do you pick the best ones? We’ve done the hard work of researching and finding the top providers. Find your perfect match, and enjoy the opportunity to expand the services you receive with all-in-one time-and-attendance management, employee tracking , payroll processing and more.

Ken Roberts

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