Restaurant Capacity Reconsideration Respectfully Requested

(StLouisRestaurantReview) We have included this video, provided courtesy of CBS New York, to illustrate how politicians are changing their policies about lock-downs due to the economic impact of COVID-19 is having on many small businesses like restaurants.

Most of the communities around the St. Louis region are still limiting restaurant capacity to 25%, which is creating, and even enhancing the economic damage to our communities, the families and their mental, emotional and financial health.  It has been said that the cure cannot be more damaging than the disease.

Local politicians are respectfully requested to review their policies and allow local restaurants to safely increase capacity.  If the capacity would be increased to 50% restaurants could possibly increase price to regain a significant amount of sales while maintaining safety.  A reasonable compromise is respectfully encouraged.

Additionally, improve health inspections to enforce cleanliness standards, which has not been enforced in the past as many restaurants should have been closed months or even years ago for violations that were ignored for reasons that will not be disclosed.

YouTube video provided courtesy of CBS – New York.

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