Putin Under Estimated Ukraine – World Over Estimated Russia

Putin Under Estimate Ukraine – World Over Estimated Russia as the world witnesses Urkaine fight with inspiration courage and Russia looks like an unorganized mess.

(STL.News) The world has feared Russia for decades as they have promoted themselves as a country with a strong military and tons of weapons.  However, the results produced by Ukraine are uniting the world while they fight with kids, women, and older adults while Russian tanks run out of gas and have failed to meet Putins’ expectations.

Have all of the facts surfaced?  Probably not, but the signs of failure are emerging around Putin.

The world should take this opportunity to place Putin exactly where he belongs.  The world needs to be safe and secure and remove all tyrants like Putin.

Biden could come through this event looking like a hero if he makes the right decisions.  However, if he fails to make the right decisions, his political career will end badly as he will lose the country’s support and his party.

This needs to end, but on America’s terms, not Putins’ terms.

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