Pizza World in Shrewsbury is highly rated by customers and hiring

Pizza World in Shrewsbury has high online customer reviews and is currently hiring.

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview) Pizza World has locations across the country, but only two locations within St. Louis, Missouri area.  They are individually owned by brothers that grew up in the restaurant business by their mother, who owned Subway Shop (s).

Adam is the older brother owning and operating the Shrewsbury location, and Danny (the youngest of the two) owns and operates the location on Olive Blvd in Creve Coeur.

Both locations are highly rated by online customer reviews.  As of today, their online reviews are as follows:

    1. Google 4.6-stars with more than 160 review
    2. Facebook 4.9 star rating with 39 votes
    3. Yelp 4-star rating with 37 reviews

All restaurant owners and most Americans understand the struggle that restaurants have faced this past year.  The struggles continue and with help be even more difficult to find due to fear, stimulus funds, and lack of desire to work.

This Pizza World location has increased its sales in the past year with increased deliveries, but hiring the people has been difficult.  Based on what we see this is a great opportunity for the right person.

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