Pennsylvania: Virtual Photo Exhibit Documenting COVID-19

Pennsylvania: Virtual Photo Exhibit Documenting COVID-19

First Lady Frances Wolf Announces Submissions Now Being Accepted for Statewide Virtual Photo Exhibit Documenting COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA (STL.News) First Lady Frances Wolf? announced?that the submission period for One Lens: Sharing Our Common Views is open and Pennsylvanians can begin sharing their photos documenting their COVID-19 experience.  The first lady announced the statewide virtual photo exhibit?in January and its mission to celebrate the hard work and commitment of all Pennsylvanians as we continue our fight against COVID-19, as well as create a visual record of this historical moment.

More information about the exhibit and how to participate can be found here.

“It is very exciting to begin collecting photos,” said First Lady Wolf. “Since we launched the One Lens initiative, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from individuals across the state who want to share these pieces of their lives.  And not every story is going to be about picking up new hobbies and finding bright spots during this time, but that’s what we want to convey.  Every story, no matter how sad and no matter how frustrating, matters.  These are our stories as Pennsylvanians, and they need to be remembered and honored.”

One Lens highlights the importance of preserving history by encouraging?Pennsylvanians?to share their?experiences during COVID-19 through?photography.?

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