Pennsylvania Governor’s Plan to Invest Billions in Education

Pennsylvania Governor’s Plan to Invest Billions in Education

Harrisburg, PA (STL.News) Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf delivered his budget address for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  The governor laid out a plan that lowers taxes for working families while making a historic investment in public education.

The governor’s plan will lower barriers – like underfunded schools, an unfair tax system and an unlivable minimum wage – that make life harder for Pennsylvania families.  The plan will reaffirm our commitment to build the strongest education system in the country, cut taxes for working families, get Pennsylvania back on track after the pandemic, build on bipartisan progress and change Harrisburg by demanding accountability.

The plan calls for major investments that will help Pennsylvanians succeed, including fully and fairly funding our schools so that all students receive a high-quality education and reforming our workforce development system to address inequities, support workers and establish the well-trained workforce businesses need.  At the same time, the governor’s plan will cut taxes for businesses and working class families.

“It is possible for us to have a budget that works for families, for businesses and for our economy,” said Gov. Wolf.  “By improving the quality of education our children receive and cutting taxes for families just starting out, we are investing in our future – a future in which more Pennsylvanians can build financial stability for themselves and their children.”

The governor’s plan has received broad support from education professionals, good government groups, faith leaders, labor organizations, environmental advocates and others.

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