North Dakota Governor Addresses Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

Burgum addresses Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, issues carbon neutral challenge

BISMARCK, ND (STL.News) Gov. Doug Burgum addressed attendees at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, thanking oil and gas operators for their positive impact and resiliency through the COVID-19 pandemic and challenging the industry to help make North Dakota a carbon-neutral state by the end of the decade.

Burgum highlighted the promise of carbon capture, storage and utilization (CCUS) initiatives such as Project Tundra; the use of injected carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery; efforts to store carbon from ethanol plants in underground formations in North Dakota; best management practices in agriculture to store carbon in soil and rangeland; and other innovative projects and practices that can help North Dakota reach carbon-neutral status by 2030.

Burgum said North Dakota hit the “geologic jackpot” with storage capacity for 250 billion tons of carbon dioxide – nearly 50 times the United States’ annual energy-related carbon dioxide output.  He noted out-of-state ethanol companies have already expressed interest in storing CO2 in North Dakota.

“Of the states, North Dakota is among the best positioned to help our country and our world transition in an economically feasible way to a carbon-constrained future while providing reliable, resilient and affordable energy,” Burgum said, adding a longer-term goal would be to create a vision for how North Dakota could become the nation’s first carbon-negative state. 

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