New York Governor on Discrimination Against Vaccinated Individuals

New York (STL.News) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today proposed new legislation to stop discrimination against individuals who have been vaccinated.

A rush transcript of the Governor’s remarks is available below:

There are some situations where people are discriminating against people who got a vaccine, which is almost inexplicable to me.  There’s a situation with summer camps saying if you are vaccinated, you cannot go to that camp.  If you’re vaccinated, you can’t be a staff member at that camp.

We can’t be in a situation where we we’re full-throated encouraging people to get a vaccine and then have people saying if you get a vaccine, you can’t participate in this activity.

I want to propose a law that says you can’t discriminate against a person who has a vaccine.  I understand the anti-vaccine argument very well – we’ve been through this before, Dr. Zucker and I, when we mandated the measles vaccine a couple of years ago.  I understand the anti-vaccine argument.  In my opinion, there is no science to it.  There is no science to it.  You can have a theory, you can have a belief, but you can’t use that to make public policy without science and without data.

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