New Mattress merges Smart Technology and Material Science

NEW YORK (INNOVATIVE BEDS) DECEMBER 05, 2017  Amanda Sleep, an emerging U.S.-based company offering holistic solutions for the disruptive mattress market, announced the launch of the world’s first mattress to incorporate Reslin technology.
This technological breakthrough will be the first significant material revolution in the bedding industry in over 85 years. The ability to harness this eco-friendly sustainable material enables Amanda Sleep mattresses to dissipate body heat in real-time while simultaneously eliminating pressure points more efficiently than today’s highest-quality leading memory foam mattresses.
Amanda Sleep’s engineers utilized premium materials and industry-leading machine learning smart technology. Each mattress also includes intelligent sleep tracking technology Health Canada Pharmacy developed by EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions. A small sensor under the mattress captures health data by picking up body signals and sends the data to Amanda’s smartphone application. Users get a summarized report with multiple sleep parameters to gain knowledge about their overall rest quality.
“We are proud to leverage years of extensive research to produce an effective sleep solution at an affordable price,” explained Roy Yosef, CEO at Amanda Sleep. “It’s more than just a mattress. It’s a digital health product that combines the best of ergonomic mattress expertise with nocturnal research know-how.”
Amanda Sleep

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