National Free Food Delivery Service FoodChing Signs 100 Restaurants in Louisville

Louisville, KY  (  A new food delivery app is launching in Louisville next week, and the developers said it’s designed to minimize excessive fees.

FoodChing works like most food delivery apps. Customers order food on the app from restaurants that agree to upload their menus. Drivers will then pick up and deliver the meal. However, the developers of FoodChing said their platform keeps more money in the pockets of the customers, restaurant owners and delivery drivers.

“We’re free for the restaurants to use,” said Gene Stein, the owner-operator of FoodChing Louisville. “We’re less expensive for the customers to order through, and we pay our drivers more than the other delivery services do.

Stein said more than 100 restaurants are already on board, and FoodChing has hired at least 50 drivers so far. The free app will launch for the Louisville area June 22 and will provide service on both sides of the Ohio River.

The process of creating FoodChing started two years ago with developers based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The idea and planning came about before the COVID-19 pandemic but then accelerated through 2020’s surge in demand for at-home food delivery.

“I’m really excited, there’s really no downside to it I don’t think,” Stein said.

Stein, a local businessman, was approached by FoodChing a couple years ago to launch the app in the Louisville market. Since then, he’s helped mold and design the service, like requiring that the app is free for restaurants to use.

Restaurants typically have to pay to use a food delivery service, which can be a financial hindrance to signing up. Restaurant profit margins are tight with little wiggle room. So for restaurants to benefit from the deal, Stein said FoodChing will never make restaurants pay to use the app.

There is still a delivery fee, but it goes directly to the drivers. The fee is a flat $2.99 for the first mile. There is then an added $1.99 for miles 2-5, and an extra 50 cents every mile after that. “The drivers get 100% of the delivery fee, and they get 100% of the tips,” Stein said. “The other services take a percentage away.”

About FoodChing

FoodChing was founded by Dennis McKinley, Greg George with over 40 years combined experience in owning franchises, operating as franchisor and building regional and national brands via franchising. FoodChing’s main focus is on offering food and drink delivery services free to restaurants and also save consumers money.  For more information, please visit

Greg George
Co-Founder/Director of Scale

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