Montana Governor Opposes Adding Equity to Teacher Ethics

HELENA, MT (STL.News) Governor Greg Gianforte announced his opposition to a proposed revision to the Montana Professional Educator Code of Ethics that will incorporate equity into Montana schools.

“I don’t wish to see Montana’s public schools fall into the traps of promoting a political agenda, in the name of equity, that jeopardizes our students’ opportunities,”  the governor wrote in a letter to the Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council (CSPAC), which is scheduled to consider adding “equity” into the code of ethics today.

The governor continued,  “This would do a grave disservice to the students who should, and must, come first.  Their interests must come before any politically motivated interests that will compromise their education.”

The governor cited the impact on students of bringing equity into education. Citing equity, the California Department of Education developed a plan to end accelerated math opportunities.  Citing equity, the State of Oregon enacted a law repealing the state’s requirement that a graduating student demonstrate an ability to read, write, and do math at a high school level.

Under the proposal today before CSPAC, the Professional Educators of Montana Code of Ethics would be changed to read:  ”The ethical educator…demonstrates an understanding of educational equity and inclusion, and respects human diversity.”

“Instead of promoting equity, the concept that ’we all end up at the same place’ or with equal results, we should promote equality in education, the idea that every student should enjoy equal opportunity to learn, thrive, and reach his or her full potential,” the governor wrote.

Further, the governor underscored Montana law which prohibits advisory councils, such as CSPAC, from setting policy.

“Modification of the Code of Ethics is a policy decision that ultimately is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Public Education and not CSPAC in its advisory role to the Board,” the governor concluded.

The governor’s letter can be viewed here.

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