Missouri Lottery: $100,000 Won by Berry Brown

Missouri Lottery: $100,000 Won by Berry Brown

MO (STL.News) When Berry Brown approached a Missouri Lottery vending machine at Playoffs Sports Bar and Grill, 2922 Highway K in O’Fallon, he said one of the newer tickets, “Show Me $100,000,” stood out to him because of its bright color.

When scratching his tickets, Brown said he scratches the numbers in the play area, but leaves the prizes covered until he scans the ticket.

“I knew this one was going to be a good ticket, because just about every number was matching,” the Wildwood man recalled.  “I accidentally scratched part of a prize, and I saw a comma and three zeroes.  I knew it had to be at least $1,000.”

Rather than spoil any more of the surprise for himself, Brown decided to have it scanned right away.

“I just stopped and called the bartender over and said,  ‘You’re going to have to scan this right now.’  She scanned it, then spun around and said,  ‘You just won $100,000!’”

Brown’s prize was one of five top prizes available in “Show Me $100,000,” with three now remaining unclaimed.  The game offers more than $12.9 million in total unclaimed prizes.

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