Maryland Lottery: Mechanicsville Keno Win $30,080

Maryland Lottery: Mechanicsville Keno Win $30,080

Claims $30,080 prize on Super Bonus ticket

Maryland (STL.News) A St. Mary’s County man just won a hefty Lottery prize playing the same Keno numbers he neglected to play exactly 30 days earlier.  After missing out on a win the first time around, the 48-year-old again played the numbers 4, 12, 16, 18, 72 and 73 and won a $30,080 prize that will finance a trip to a future Super Bowl.

The lucky Mechanicsville resident bought his six-spot ticket in 2020 at St. Mary’s Landing in Charlotte Hall.  Exactly 30 days before that day, he and his longtime girlfriend had visited another retailer just two miles away where he was supposed to buy a Keno ticket and play both of their birth dates.  He neglected to do so and, sadly, missed out on a big prize.

At St. Mary’s Landing, the determined Keno fan played their dates of births a second time.  He added the Super Bonus option to a 20-draw ticket, giving himself the chance to win up to 20x the original prize and at the very least double his prize.

To their surprise, each number on the ticket hit again and the Super Bonus multiplied their prize 6x. 

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