Littleford Sentenced on Conspiracy to Defraud Charges

Littleford Sentenced on Conspiracy to Defraud Charges

Bristol, Virginia Woman, Kathleen Littleford Sentenced on Conspiracy to Defraud Charges

ABINGDON, VA (STL.News) Kathleen Littleford, a Bristol, Virginia, woman who fraudulently opened several bank accounts, deposited counterfeit checks, and shipped large quantities of cash to various individuals across the country in a scam involving a man with whom she was involved in an online relationship, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court here to three years’ probation, four months of which must be spent in home confinement, Acting United States Attorney Daniel P. Bubar announced today.

Littleford, 77, previously pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to execute a scheme to defraud financial institutions to obtain money by false pretenses.

According to court documents, beginning in 2018, Littleford opened a series of bank accounts for the purpose of depositing counterfeit checks and receiving fraudulent transfers of funds from other banking institutions.  She did so to assist a man she met online calling himself Frank Peterson.  Beginning with his introduction and continuing to the present day, Littleford engaged in an amorous relationship with “Peterson”, engaging in frequent emailing, text messaging, Facebook messaging, and phone call communications.

“Peterson” made representations to Littleford over the course of their relationship that he made a lot of money in a trade deal in Dubai, that those funds were encumbered by the IRS due to taxes he owed, that he had a lot of money tied up in stocks, and that he needed Littleford’s help receiving funds from banking institutions because he could not transfer money himself, due to the IRS claims on his accounts.

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