Leveraging Order with Google, Waitbusters Helps Independents Thrive with 1st Party Delivery

Atlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Waitbusters, LLC announced today that they have become a partner with Order with Google. Through Order with Google, restaurants using the Waitbusters platform can be found when potential customers use Google Search and Maps.  This has tremendous revenue boosting potential for restaurants who have been limited with their delivery options due to cost and the labor shortage.

There are two undeniable attributes associated with 3rd Party Delivery Platforms (3DP’s), e.g., DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.

They were a savior to many restaurants during the pandemic
They are a fantastic marketing and new customer acquisition tool

That said, using 3DP’s as their sole delivery solution is not sustainable for most independent restaurants, due to the 20%-30% commission they must pay out.  Unlike larger chains, which get better commission rates and can subsidize locations in the red with revenue from well performing locations, independents do not have that luxury.  Other pain points beyond the high commissions are delayed payments, not owning customer data and customers being marketed to by competing restaurants.

According to Shane Gau, Waitbusters CPO, “We consider Waitbusters complementary to 3rd party delivery services. We strongly believe restaurants should take advantage of the big audiences 3DP’s provide, but those platforms should serve as springboards.  When restaurants fulfill those outside delivery orders, they should include a coupon offering 10 percent off the extent meal if it’s ordered directly through the restaurant’s site.  In other words, a 3rd party like Grubhub or Doordash should become more of a one-time acquisition tool for restaurants rather than an ongoing driver of business.”

Furthermore, Gau continued, “The goal is to use 3rd party delivery platforms as a cheap discovery tool and transition these customers over to the restaurant’s 1st party (proprietary) delivery service.  This is Waitbusters’ expertise.  Along with the beautifully branded menus we build, the commission free delivery drivers we provide and the 1st party transition collateral we create, we are very excited to announce today that we are an official ORDER WITH GOOGLE partner.  Now, restaurants’ commission-free online ordering can be easily discovered prominently in google search results and on google maps, without a dime being spent by restaurants on marketing.”

About Waitbusters Digital Diner

Waitbusters LLC, a service-disabled veteran owned company, is a provider of innovative restaurant technology solutions. Its Digital Diner solution offers restaurants the ability to create better experiences for their guests, save money, create new revenue streams, become more profitable, and find and retain happy customers. 

Waitbusters Digital Diner provides:

Online Ordering & Commission Free Delivery
Delivery Driver Logistics
Call Concierge
Wait Line, Reservations & Table Management
Social Media Marketing
SMS Text Message Marketing
Loyalty & Rewards

E-mail sgau@waitbusters.com to schedule a demo or check out www.waitbustersdining.com.

Anicia Gau
Waitbusters, LLC

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