Lester Wallace Erickson Sentenced for Possessing a Gun

Heroin User, Lester Wallace Erickson Sentenced to Federal Prison for Possessing a Gun
Had recently stolen the gun

(STL.News) A Decorah man who unlawfully possessed a gun while a drug user was sentenced yesterday to 46 months in prison.

Lester Wallace Erickson, III, age 30, from Decorah, Iowa, received the prison sentence after a December 21, 2020, guilty plea to possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Information disclosed at sentencing and in his plea agreement showed that in October 2019 police officers responded to a storage unit in Ridgeway, Iowa.  They found Erickson passed out in a vehicle.  He had recently used heroin and fentanyl and overdosed.  Erickson was treated for the overdose.  Officers searched the vehicle and found a gun in a nearby bag.  Erickson had stolen the gun a few days prior from a friend.  He intended to pawn the gun.  In 2018, Erickson was convicted of a felony-controlled substance offense.  Erickson has twelve adult criminal convictions, nine of which were committed while he was on court supervision.  Erickson also has one conviction for a violent offense.

Erickson was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Judge C.J.

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