Kenneth Michael Laseur sentenced for adult pornography

Kenneth Michael Laseur sentenced for adult pornography

Warren County man, Kenneth Michael Laseur sentenced to more than four years in prison for superimposing child’s face onto adult pornography

DAYTON (STL.News) A Lebanon, Ohio, man was sentenced in federal court in Dayton to 53 months in prison for creating obscene material from the images of a minor’s face and adult pornography.

Kenneth Michael Laseur, 36, pleaded guilty in August 2020 to possessing obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children.

According to court documents, in March 2018, Laseur was under the supervision of a probation officer in Hamilton County as the result of a 2017 conviction for telecommunications harassment.  Laseur was arrested for violating the terms of his probation and his cell phone and computer were seized and searched.

On those devices, Laseur possessed images of an actual minor female, who was known to Laseur and less than 12 years of age, that were modified to make it appear that the minor female was engaged in sexually explicit conduct.  For example, Laseur superimposed the child’s face onto images of adults engaging in various types of sexual intercourse.

The defendant admitted to his probation officer and to the FBI that he created the images using photo-shopping tools he found on the Internet. 

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