Janine Keim Plea Guilty to Falsifying Credit Union Statements

Denison Woman, Janine Keim Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Credit Union Statements to Hide Embezzlement
Keim’s criminal actions contributed to the insolvency of Consumers Credit Union

(STL.News) A Denison woman who served as CEO of Consumers Credit Union (CCU), and falsified financial records to hide embezzlement, pled guilty on May 24, 2021, in federal court in Sioux City.

Janine Keim, age 68, from Denison, Iowa, was convicted of making false statements to auditors of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

In open court, Keim admitted to falsifying documents to hide the embezzlement of money from CCU in Denison, Iowa.  Keim was the CEO of CCU and she admitted to abstracting funds from the credit union.  Keim submitted call reports she knew to be false to the NCUA alleging the existence of funds held by CCU.  Keim’s actions contributed to a total cash and cash equivalent loss for CCU that resulted in CCU’s insolvency.  In October 2020, Keim’s sister, Brenda Jensen, pled guilty to embezzling from CCU.

Sentencing before United States District Court Chief Judge Leonard T. Strand will be set after a presentence report is prepared.  Keim remains free on bond previously set pending sentencing. 

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