ISense; Revolutionary Comfort Controlled Mattress Line Available in Spring, Foam, and Air Launches in January!

SPRINGFIELD, MO. (INNOVATIVE BEDS) DECEMBER 19, 2017  Advanced Sleep Technologies, Inc., a sleep health technology trailblazer, will forever change the consumer buying – and sleeping – experience with its new iSense Sleep brand of adjustable mattresses. Set to launch at the Las Vegas Winter 2018 Market. iSense Sleep offers the world’s first fully comfort-controlled premium mattress line featuring a choice of spring, foam, and air surfaces with built-in technology to control individual comfort from ultra-plush to ultra-firm with the touch of a mobile app.
For 95 percent of the market today, the mattress buying experience consists of laying on a bed for 10 minutes in front of a salesperson and it ends up with the consumer taking home an unchangeable, static mattress. “The iSense Sleep line will change the mattress buying process and give consumers the ability to control their comfort after the sale. This will have a profound impact on this industry, and peoples’ lives.” states Paul Longman, Founder and CEO of Advanced Sleep Technologies, the company behind the iSense Sleep brand. “Essentially, we have three mattresses that represent the majority of mattresses that are being sold in the world today. That’s profound and game-changing.”
Adjustable air mattress technology has been

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