Introducing Local Hero

The self-service digital local marketing app for franchisees from the experts at Boulder Heavy Industries

Boulder, CO  (RestaurantNews.comBoulder Heavy Industries, a leading group of marketing services and software companies built around a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, has for years provided innovative digital marketing solutions for hundreds of national brands. Now Boulder Heavy Industries is leveraging this expertise to put powerful local digital marketing tools into the hands of franchisees and the corporate marketing teams who support their success. Today Boulder Heavy Industries proudly introduces Local Hero, a self-service digital local marketing app to help franchisees achieve bottom-line results with online TV/CTV, radio, and social ad campaigns that can be launched in just a few clicks.

“Local Hero is a low-cost, easy-to-use app that takes the guesswork out of digital local marketing for franchisees, dealers and corporate-owned locations. It’s the right tool at the right time to help franchisees compete at a local level in a crowded and noisy marketplace,” said Adam Edelman, Founder and Executive Chairman of Boulder Heavy Industries.

The simplicity of Local Hero makes it a powerful tool for both inexperienced and seasoned marketers alike. Corporate marketing departments can use Local Hero to make brand-approved templates and may also leverage Local Hero’s library of market-tested local ad units. Local Hero’s Creative Hero ad localization software automatically turns the templates into high quality local ads that are personalized for each location. The app even auto-customizes hard-to-make formats such as video and radio. Every localized ad is guaranteed to meet brand guidelines, so brands never have to worry about “rogue creative” in the marketplace. Before and after each brand launch, Local Hero’s success teams and local franchisee advisors are there to provide individualized training and real-time support to brands’ regional operations teams, franchisees, and store managers.

The user experience for franchisees is even easier – with just a few taps on their smartphones, franchisees can pick a promotion, choose their campaign budget, and schedule their launch. Local Hero’s automated reporting makes it easy for franchisees and corporate to track measurable results and watch their business grow.

Localized ad campaign created and planned by franchisees using the Local Hero app.

Why Local Digital is the Future

Consumers are constantly joined to their devices and the Internet so connecting with them in the digital realm is vital for businesses to compete in hyper local markets. According to Hootsuite’s 2021 Global State of Digital Report, 7 in 10 internet users go far beyond search engines for product and service information. This is why Local Hero campaigns go the extra mile to include ads on networks like YouTube, Spotify, Waze, Facebook, and even OTT TV/CTV. Local Hero enables franchisees to run digital media campaigns on a local level like a pro, with a very low cost of entry and lots of flexibility.

“Local Hero is the culmination of listening to brands talk about the importance of providing local digital opportunities for their franchise partners that are easy to use and hit major digital channels. This comprehensive app gives franchisees more control over the success of their business with the capabilities of a full digital marketing agency at their fingertips,” added Tom Meyer, Local Hero’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success.

“Local Hero is local store marketing modernized, and now franchisors can affordably provide this intelligent app with robust capabilities to their franchisees,” added Edelman.

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Localized ad campaign created and planned by franchisees using the Local Hero app.

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