Inglewood: William Cless Arrested on Federal Charges

Inglewood: William Cless Arrested on Federal Charges

Inglewood Man, William Cless Hubbard Arrested on Federal Charges of Possessing Distribution Quantities of PCP

LOS ANGELES (STL.News) Federal authorities have arrested an Inglewood man on a federal narcotics trafficking charge following an investigation that determined he ordered bulk quantities of at least one chemical used to make PCP and a search that led to the discovery over 2 kilograms of the drug, the Justice Department announced.

William Cless Hubbard Jr., 63, was arrested Thursday evening by special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Federal prosecutors this morning filed a criminal complaint against Hubbard charging him with possession with intent to distribute phencyclidine (PCP).

At his first court appearance late this afternoon in United States District Court, Hubbard was ordered detained pending trial.  An arraignment in this case was scheduled on February 18.

During a search at Hubbard’s residence on Thursday, authorities recovered a one-gallon jug containing amber liquid which tested presumptively positive for PCP, according to the affidavit in support of the complaint.  During a related search at a business owned by Hubbard, law enforcement found 55-gallon drums containing precursor chemicals regulated under the Controlled Substances Act that can be used to manufacture PCP.

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