Inflation And Gas Issues Impact The American States

(STL.News) Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s economy has taken a brutal hit.  Things had improved dramatically during the Trump administration.  However, everything came to a screeching halt when the coronavirus pandemic led to shutdowns across the country.  Although the pandemic is coming to an end, it is quickly becoming clear that the economy will not return to normal.  Some businesses are gone for good, and others are struggling to find new workers.

In recent weeks, Americans have been negatively impacted by gas shortages and inflation.  Whether working or collecting unemployment benefits, these problems are leading to money problems for many.  Below, readers will learn more about these ongoing problems.

Pipeline Hacked

Last week, it was announced that Colonial Pipeline had experienced a hack that led to the closing of the company’s eastern pipeline.  The pipeline transports roughly 45% of the fuel consumed by Americans on the east coast.  Right now, it is known that the hack was carried out by a Russian hacker group known as Darkside.  Once Colonial was alerted to the hack, it immediately shut down its systems and stopped the pipeline.  Ransomware attacks are growing, and this is one of the recent attacks.

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