Idaho Governor Little: Federal American Rescue Plan Act funds

Idaho Governor Little: Federal American Rescue Plan Act funds

Boise, ID (STL.News) During a press conference, Governor Brad Little emphasized the need to direct the billions of dollars allocated for Idaho from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into long-range investments that will benefit our grandchildren – the generation that will have to pay off the massive federal debt.

Governor Little said he will work closely with the Legislature in allocating the funds.  He said he will spend time traveling the state to meet with legislators, business groups, and others on the best ways to strategically invest the funds.

Why is Idaho accepting the new federal money?

Governor Little detailed his concerns with the massive federal spending bill but said rejecting the funds is not the right thing to do for Idaho.

“Rejecting the funds would mean California, New York, Illinois, and other big states get to spend Idahoans’ tax dollars. Rejecting the funds would mean Idaho gives up our say in how our allocated share gets spent.  That is unacceptable.  Therefore, Idaho will accept the allocation for our state,” Governor Little said.

How much money will the State of Idaho receive from the ARPA?

Funds to state and local governments:

$1.89 billion in discretionary funds

  • $1.188 billion to the state for COVID response
  • $126 million to the state for COVID capital projects
  • $347 million for county governments and $229 million for city governments
  • $981 million for direct programs ranging from K12 to childcare grants

Funds to Idaho citizens and businesses:

  • More than $2 billion in direct support to businesses and individuals, including stimulus checks and other economic support (PPP loans, support for restaurants and live venues)

What are Governor Little’s priorities in the allocation of the ARPA funds?

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