How Do You Feel About Spice Wing During This Pandemic?

How Do You Feel About Spice Wing During This Pandemic?(  “We have managed to scale up even during these challenging times and now we are eager to welcome interested franchise partners for our 10 new upcoming locations by the end of this year. We provide various unique store development models for our franchisees and our development flexibility enables our franchise partners to build the most compatible restaurant model. We have already carved out a solid niche in the $40 billion Chicken Wing industry and we are looking forward to grow even further with our new franchise locations and new franchise partners by the end of 2020,” stated Khushal Patel, the young dynamic man behind Spice Wing.

In addition to launching new franchise locations, the company also recently launched its new app to enhance its online presence. Available on both Google Play store and App Store, the new app comes in addition to an already well established online ordering system on their website and 3rd party delivery services.

Director of Operations, Jesal Pandya, says he is optimistic about the future. “We knew we had to act quickly and so we did. When the COVID-19 Pandemic started we immediately began implementing new strategies to better serve our customers. We believe having a strong online presence has a great impact on the potential for each store. With the pandemic on the rise we focused on marketing our available online ordering options. The addition of Curbside Pickup has proven to be very beneficial as well as increased marketing for our 3rd party delivery services. Since the pandemic started, we have seen an increase of 30% in our online sales revenue from the app, our website, and 3rd party delivery services.”

Spice Wing is extremely particular about health and safety amid the current pandemic. In that light, the company strictly adheres to the latest safety guidelines outlined by the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“We believe in the safety of our employees and our customers. We continue to educate ourselves, franchisees, and employees on the importance of following these guidelines as it pertains to the job and overall customer service experience,” says Director of Training, Aman Patel.

Why do you like Spice Wing and how do you feel about this brand during this pandemic?

How Do You Feel About Spice Wing During This Pandemic?
Michael Tang

–  Michael Tang (Loganville, Georgia)

“I like Spice Wing because it’s very easy to operate. It’s also low labor which I thought was very good. Before I joined the Spice Wing Family, I had previous experience in the restaurant business. Since I was little, I worked with my parents in our own restaurant. Later on, my family chose to open up a pizza restaurant. After working for several years in the restaurant industry, I was confident I could build a career out of this and that’s when I learned about Spice Wing. Once you join the Spice Wing Family, you receive help every step of the way. Anytime you have questions or need help a Franchise Business Leader is there to assist you. During this pandemic they have been very resourceful in new ways for us as franchisees to succeed during these tough times. They make sure that we know how to meet all of our customers expectations during this pandemic period. It reassures me that my brand has my back even during times like these to help me succeed.”

How Do You Feel About Spice Wing During This Pandemic?
Zain Bhamani

–  Zain Bhamani (Sugarhill, Georgia)

“When I was first introduced to Spice Wing, I was immediately intrigued. I found this concept attractive because of the low labor and start up costs. On top of that, I found the operation to be very straightforward and simple. Prior to joining Spice Wing, I didn’t have any restaurant experience. So I was pretty skeptical of going into the restaurant business. My original background was in the cell phone industry. But after going through the initial application process and learning more about Spice Wing, I felt more confident and inclined to open my own. So, that’s what I did. I now have my very own Spice Wing and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. Ever since I joined, I have become a part of the Spice Wing Family. They have helped me every step of the way by giving me access to resources that help me with operations, like Spice Wing University. Even in the middle of a pandemic, they continuously guide me on how to innovate and stay current with the new expectations of our customers. Every franchisee gets a F.B.L. (Franchise Business Leader) who is there to help you anyway they can in their operations. This brand has really had my back every step of the way, especially right now during this pandemic. I am glad I chose to enter the restaurant industry and that it was with Spice Wing.”

About Spice Wing

Spice Wing delivers a unique wing experience – one that tastes like a trip around the world with a variety of spices and unique flavors. Specializing in chicken wings, and savory sides such as waffles and four different styles of fries, Spice Wing offers their customers quality, made-to-order meals, that blow their taste buds away!

At Spice Wing, we bring you a worldly wing experience with fresh, never-frozen, all-natural chicken wings cooked to perfection every single time with the advancements of technology. We know these details matter so we have carved our own niche in the $40 billion Chicken Wing industry, so what are you waiting for? Come join our growing Spice Wing family.

Please visit for more information about joining our Spice Wing family.

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