Global Corp US, Inc. Offers vBOSS for Restaurants (Stay Updated With Your Business!)

Dallas, TX  (  Virtual Business Operation Support Services (vBOSS) helps you manage your restaurant by providing business oversight and operational insight. Easily keep track of activities that help you actively manage your business even when you are not there. Tailored reports that can be used for business operation analysis and decision making.

Track, manage, supervisor, employees, customers, deliveries, unknown person etc. and cross reference/correlation/verification of data, operation, transactions and other activities using your existing video surveillance system (live or recorded footage). Serving businesses, retail (stores, restaurants, etc.), commercial offices, industrial facilities, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Business hours Monitoring
Customer readiness
Customer count/satisfaction/interaction
Sales / Customer Ratio
Compliance / Safety
Loss Prevention
Realign resources based on customer traffic
Business or security violations/protocols
Employee Time tracking
Employee performance evaluations
Non-Employees/Unknown personnel
Logging, Alerting, Reporting

Highly customizable service to meet your specific business operational challenges we can provide reports, logs and/or notifications as we validate your business operation so your restaurant runs smoothly and you are kept informed.

Customer Interaction Report
Connect/verify DVR time
Verify the delivery & take a picture
Verify the store open time & take a picture
Monitor all managers IN-OUT with a picture
Monitor first chicken drop time & take a picture
Monitor birdcage time & take a picture
Monitor Cube drop in fryer
Employee violation (Apron, Cap, Visor & gloves, etc.)
Monitor filtration time & note fryer number
Report any technician & unknown personnel
Last chicken drop with proper count of chicken
First/Last customer time w/picture (In store or Drive thru)
Food wastage report
Store close time and take a picture
Camera down issue
Drive through bottleneck
Dirty Floors

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