Florida Governor Debunks False, Defamatory, Partisan Attacks

Florida Governor Debunks False, Defamatory, Partisan Attacks

In Case You Missed It Governor Ron Desantis Debunks False, Defamatory And Partisan Attacks By 60 Minutes

Tallahassee, FL (STL.News) Governor Ron DeSantis addressed various misrepresentations and smears made by 60 Minutes regarding Florida’s COVID-19 response and vaccine distribution efforts.  A copy of the Governor’s full presentation is available HERE and a video of the Governor’s presentation is available HERE.
“CBS and 60 Minutes have a playbook: lie with impunity, smear their political opponents and deceptively edit out the facts that eviscerate their bogus, partisan narratives,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.  “From the beginning of vaccine distribution, Florida has prioritized our most vulnerable, our seniors and our underserved communities.  These efforts have been incredibly successful and effective. However, CBS and 60 Minutes are dedicated to leaving the truth on the cutting room floor.”

“Truth doesn’t wear a political jersey.  The Division has focused since day one on vaccinating people as quickly as possible,” said Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz.  “We used a multi-pronged approach, and I was glad that we were one of the first to turn on the pharmacy program.”

Smear: The State of Florida Gave Exclusive Rights to Publix to Distribute the COVID-19 Vaccine in Palm Beach County.

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