ExitAdviser Launches New Pitch-to-Brokers Tool For Restaurant Owners

A new marketing tool aims owners selling their business privately and confidentially, without going public

Sheridan, WY  (RestaurantNews.com)  Those owners planning to sell their restaurant in 2021 can now use ExitAdviser’s Pitch-to-Brokers tool to find a serious buyer quickly and quietly.

The new marketing method makes it efficient to bypass public marketplaces and address nearby professional intermediaries directly and discretely.

The Pitch-to-Brokers tool provides sellers with an efficient alternative to already overcrowded business-for-sale marketplaces where lack of confidentiality is one of the serious concerns of business owners.

The tool automatically creates a mailing list of up to 100 potential intermediaries like brokers, lenders, and advisors nearby and delivers them a hardcopy letter.

In the offer letter, owners will summarize the key values of their business as well as how much the seller is willing to pay for a successful sale. If they’re interested, a broker will contact the restaurant owner privately, to discuss the deal details.

Using “old-school”, hardcopy letters instead of mass e-mailings or public listing is efficient because a paper letter is near-impossible to ignore. Complementarily, the whole process runs discretely and out of public eyes – confidentiality being the second main concern of sellers after getting the desired selling price.

The new tool is an integral part of ExitAdviser’s all-inclusive business-selling platform aimed at small business owners selling their companies (FSBO – For Sale By Owner).

Launched in 2013, ExitAdviser (https://exitadviser.com) has successfully served thousands of small business owners across the globe in preparing, valuing, and promoting their businesses for sale.



Ryan Crow

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