Didier Kindambu Pleads Guilty to $2.5M Coronavirus Fraud

Didier Kindambu Pleads Guilty to $2.5M Coronavirus Fraud

Didier K. Kindambu Pleads Guilty to $2.5 Million Coronavirus Fraud

ALEXANDRIA, VA (STL.News) A Leesburg man pleaded guilty today to fraudulently obtaining two loans for over $2.5 million under the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”).

“At a time when countless families and business owners nationwide are struggling to make ends meet during the ongoing pandemic, Didier Kindambu committed a multimillion-dollar bank fraud by misappropriating COVID-19 taxpayer relief funds to pay for his lavish lifestyle,” said Raj Parekh, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.  “Together with our law enforcement partners, this Office will continue to prosecute and bring to justice those who seek to exploit essential pandemic recovery programs and profit from the misfortunes of others for personal gain.”

According to court documents, Didier K. Kindambu, 49, fraudulently obtained two PPP loans under a program instituted by the U.S. Congress to help businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic continue to pay salary or wages to their employees. Kindambu carried out the scheme in connection with two businesses that he owns by creating fraudulent payroll documentation for each business, and then submitting that documentation in support of the PPP loan applications.  The fraudulent documentation represented that Kindambu’s businesses had dozens of employees with millions of dollars in payroll expenses, when in fact they had few, if any, employees.

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