Delaware Governor Eliminates Distancing, Mask Mandate

Governor Carney Signs 29th Modification, Eliminates Distancing and Mask Mandate
Delawareans should follow CDC guidance on distancing and masking, indoors and outdoors; unvaccinated individuals should wear masks

WILMINGTON, DE (STL.News) Governor John Carney on Tuesday signed the 29th modification to the COVID-19 State of Emergency declaration eliminating social distancing requirements and removing Delaware’s mask mandate effective May 21.  Delawareans, visitors, and Delaware businesses should follow social distancing and masking guidance for fully vaccinated individuals issued last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Unvaccinated Delawareans should continue to wear masks to reduce their risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

The CDC guidance advises that fully vaccinated people can stop distancing and wearing masks in most places indoors and outdoors, except in certain crowded and congregate settings.  Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks in public settings and around those who live outside of their household.  Governor Carney’s order continues to require mask-wearing on public transit, planes, in schools, health care facilities and congregate settings like prisons and homeless shelters.  The order also continues to require mask-wearing in State-owned buildings and facilities, including Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) facilities, Delaware State Service Centers, and the Carvel State Office Building.

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