da Vinci’s – Williamstown, West Virginia’s Fine Italian Dining Gem Wins the People’s Vote For the Mid-Ohio Valley’s Most-Coveted Annual Award: Best Overall Restaurant

Going to Need a Bigger Trophy Case as the Accolades Keep Pouring in for the Wood County Legend

Williamstown, WV  (RestaurantNews.com)  There is something fantastic going on down by the river and it has nothing to do with a van, Chris Farley aka Matt Foley.

da Vinci’s, Williamstown, WV’s hidden Fine Italian Dining gem nestled gently on the Ohio river in a town of 2800, will be needing a bigger trophy chest as it recently nabbed several honors from the Mid-Ohio Valley’s most-trusted online source, Clutch MOV

da Vinci’s, via popular vote, pretty much ran the table in the area’s equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards, taking top honors for Best Italian Cuisine, Best Fine Dining, and the most coveted nod: BEST OVERALL RESTAURANT.

Chris Bender

Owner Chris Bender, universally lauded for her commitment to customer service and great food, as expected, prefers all of the attention on her team members and valued guests: “This is about 90 employees and 650 seats in our humble yet brilliant establishment, which for 40 plus years has served the greatest community on the planet. It’s their award and we will continue to earn it every day. We love Williamstown, Marietta, Ohio and the entire Mid-Ohio Valley. Please come dine with us and ask for me by name so I can confirm how much we value your business.”

Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold, the owner and founder of Clutch MOV, says da Vinci’s epitomizes the valley’s commitment to serve while serving up plate after plate of incredible food: “This (Best Overall Restaurant) award wasn’t even close and there are a lot of great things going on here. da Vinci’s continues to set the bar for the region. They reinvented their business during perhaps the most trying times in restaurant industry history. Like always, they shined and kept people and food first. They are a Mid-Ohio Valley treasure. The people have spoken and they all screamed, ‘da Vinci’s!’”

Lisa Collins

Under the guidance of social media and marketing guru Lisa Collins, the restaurant’s followers on social media have literally doubled Williamstown’s population.

“This is easily the easiest story I’ve ever told,” said Collins. “Chris and her team make it so great to spread the good news about this great restaurant. They simply strive for the best of everything and based on popular opinion and popular demand, they always deliver.”

da Vinci’s Facebook followers, upon the announcement of the recognition, all seemed to convey the same sentiment: “WELL DESERVED.”

In addition to offering the region’s best Italian offerings – a wide variety in order to satisfy every palate including its now legendary German Pizza, da Vinci’s has an enormous list of wines, domestic and imported beers and an outdoor patio with a big screen TV. During the pandemic, the signature German Pizza sales spiked 300%.

Bender continues to pass off the praise rather than absorb it: “This is a great restaurant set in a wonderful town. Under Head Coach Scott Sauro, the son of local legendary basketball coach Fred Sauro, the Williamstown Yellowjackets won the men’s state basketball championship recently. We lined the streets, celebrated our community with a parade and everyone headed to one place once the confetti and dust settled: da Vinci’s.”

da Vinci’s menu is loaded with everything to please: https://www.villadavinci.com/menu. The prep kitchen only serves the freshest ingredients.

Says Bender, “We essentially try to eliminate the veto vote, where one person in a group says, ‘They don’t have that. Let’s go somewhere else.’ Not to gloat or play Captain Obvious but I would bet a German pizza that you absolutely will find anything you crave here.”

da Vinci’s is located at 215 Highland Avenue in Williamstown, WV. Closed Mondays, opens Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 am – 9 pm and 11 am – 8 pm on Sundays. Hours may vary as the transition to full capacity may continue to fluctuate.  Reservations welcomed: 304-375-3633.

Concludes Bender, who started as a server and now owns the swank joint, “I am here every day, all day. I figured if I was going to live here, I may as well own it.”

The Mid-Ohio Valley could not be more pleased and well fed.

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Derek Farley for da Vinci’s

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