Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed the following bills into law.

The Governor signed the following bills in signing ceremonies:

HB21-1009 Update Division Housing Function & Local Development – Sponsored by Representative T. Bernett and Senators J. Bridges & D. Coram

HB21-1019 Modification To Regulations Of Factory-built Structures – Sponsored by Representative E. Hooton and Senators J. Ginal & R. Woodward

SB21-006 Human Remains Natural Reduction Soil – Sponsored by Representatives M. Soper & B. Titone and Senator R. Rodriguez

The Governor signed the following bills administratively:

SB21-152 Rule Review Bill – Sponsored by Representatives L. Herod & M. Soper and Senators P. Lee & B. Gardner

HB21-1129 Extend Deadline For Training To Teach Reading – Sponsored by Representatives B. McLachlan & M. Bradfield and Senators J.Bridges & T. Story

HB21-1048 Retail Business Must Accept Cash – Sponsored by Representative A. Valdez and Senator R. Rodriguez. View the signing statement here.

HB21-1178 Correcting Errors in the Colorado Marijuana Code – Sponsored by Representatives A. Pico & D. Valdez and Senators R. Woodward & R. Zenzinger

HB21-1153 Enter Zone Child Care Income Tax Credit – Sponsored by Representatives J.

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