Colorado Governor Polis Signs 6 Bills Into Law

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed six bills into law.

The Governor signed the following bills:

HB21-1169 Prohibit Discrimination Organ Transplant Recipient – Sponsored by Representatives T. Van Beber & D. Ortiz and Senators B. Pettersen & J. Danielson

SB21-099 Sunset License Plate Disability Support Act – Sponsored by Senator J. Danielson and Representatives M.Young & T. Van Beber

SB21-067 Strengthening Civics Education – Sponsored by Senators D. Coram & C. Hansen and Representatives B. McLachlan & T. Carver

SB21-153 Department of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance Program – Sponsored by Senators J. Coleman & J. Cooke and Representatives D. Ortiz & K. Tipper

SB21-192 Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender Facility – Sponsored by Senator J.Gonzales and Representative J. Amabile

HB21-1022 Surrogacy Agreements – Sponsored by Representative M. Froelich and Senator J. Ginal

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