Child Sexual Predators Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Predators Sentenced for Sexual Abuse and Online Exploitation

INDIANAPOLIS (STL.News) An Indianapolis man and woman were each sentenced to 45 years in federal prison for sexually exploiting a child, including producing child pornography with the minor victim, and for distributing and receiving child pornography.  A federal grand jury previously indicted them and two others in September 2019.

Bennie W. Schuck II, 46, and Amber Talley, 36, were both in a position of trust with the minor victim, who was less than 12 years of age.  Both Schuck and Talley sexually abused the minor female victim, who reported that the abuse had been on-going for at least a year.  Schuck and Talley created images of the abuse, which they sent to each other, depending on who took the images.  According to court documents, Schuck admitted to police that he had exploited the child “fewer than 20 times.” Schuck also sent the sexually explicit images of the child victim to a woman through Kik Messenger, which led to the detection of Schuck and Talley’s crimes.

This investigation began in April 2019, when police in Louisiana investigated the online activities of a man who was accused of receiving sexually explicit images of at least one minor online. 

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