Child-Focused Video to Combat Violent Crime

Task Force Releases Child-Focused Video to Combat Violent Crime
‘Every Kid Deserves to be a Kid’

KANSAS CITY, MO (STL.News) Project Safe Neighborhoods, a nationwide initiative operated locally by a community task force, released a public service video today to bring attention to combating violent crime.  Today’s video emphasizes that, among 751 people who have been murdered in Kansas City, Missouri, in the last five years, 28 victims have been children.

“Violent crime takes a terrible toll on the families who are directly impacted and on the wider community,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore.  “The toll is heaviest when children are victims of violence.  By focusing on children, this public service video underscores the need for our community to work together for safer neighborhoods.

“The Project Safe Neighborhoods Task Force hopes that this video will be widely seen and shared over social media, and will inspire its viewers to action against violent crime,” Moore added, “because every kid deserves to be a kid.”

The public service video can be viewed online at:

The video will also be promoted through the social media accounts of task force members.

“The unacceptable level of violence in our city is hurting our children and so many others,” said Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith. 

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