Buy American, except for oil?

Buy American?  America is Russia’s largest customer.  So why would we buy oil from a communist tyrant that uses his profits to threaten democracy?

Washington, DC (STL.News) Buy American?  If that is the answer to saving our economy, then why are we buying oil from a communist tyrant, which makes him money to fund the invasion of Ukraine?  America is swimming in its own sea of political B.S. and drama!

The State of the Union Address was political, not productive, and not sensible.  Sanctions are months late, too weak, and do not accelerate the pain needed to end the leadership of Russia.  We are helping Russia, not hurting them.  But, unfortunately, we are hurting Americans while helping Russia.

America spends hundreds of billions each year on our defense systems.  We have spent hundreds of billions on countries like Afghanistan that accomplished nothing.  Our defense systems have been designed to prevent precisely what is happening now in Ukraine.  It is a threat to democracy, which we have always claimed was our motive, mission, and passion.

The best and fastest approach is to STOP buying ALL Russian products, especially oil.  States are going so far as to ban the sale of Russian Vodka.  But we buy their oil?

Why America should produce oil:

It creates jobs thousands of jobs in the U.S.
Puts America in control of its energy needs creating opportunities to enhance alternative energy solutions.
America will produce oil using environmental processes that is better and cleaner.
America accepts the green concept, but it will take time, and the free market needs time to adjust and adapt the products, services, and processes.
America can make energy our expertise and help our allies worldwide to improve the environment.  Unfortunately, China and Russia do not care about the environment.
Many oil companies in the U.S. are publicly traded.  Americans own these stocks.  Killing that industry will hurt American investors.
America being independent for energy has overwhelming benefits, with no downside.  However, America being energy independent on a foreign country, especially a government led by a tyrant, has overwhelming risks and costs.

America looks weak, self-serving, lazy, stupid, and scared.  These are not complicated or advanced concepts.  Political and business 101 and is understood by most with any common sense.  So, why are we being told otherwise?

This was and still is our opportunity to truly change the world for the better, eliminate threats and create true social equality worldwide.  However, the opportunity is passing us for whatever reason.  No solutions are being put in place, only excuses to cover up something much bigger that we are missing.

While Washington attempted to rally Americans in last night’s pep rally, it appears to have failed, but they will claim it as a success and unite the country, while nothing can be further from the truth.

Washington says they don’t want a war with Russia.  Russia is at war.  Whether America wants a war or not, it is happening, and the world will continue to suffer until we exercise our power to resolve.  Now is the time for discipline and strength, not political drama and weakness.

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