BK Lobster Announces First Investment From FoodieFranchises.com

The Fast-casual Seafood Bar Company Receives an Investment to Spur Growth

Miami, FL  (RestaurantNews.comBK Lobster, a fast-casual seafood bar company, announced a major investment from their first “shark” Foodies Franchises founder Greg George. As the first investor to partner with the company, Foodie Franchises pledged financial and operational resources to spur growth for the national and international expansion of BK Lobster.

As the lead franchisor, franchisee, and franchise representative, George was at the forefront of the investment deal in the establishment that offers premium lobster and seafood dishes. He was impressed by BK Lobster’s expansion to its fourteen locations following its 2019 launch in Brooklyn, NY.

George brings a wealth of experience – over 20 years in the industry where he helped develop 42 national food franchise brands. He is a partner in five of them which are now worth over one hundred million dollars. With George’s guidance at the helm, BK Lobster projects growth to over 200 locations and 20 corporate locations over the next 36 months.

“I’ve had my eyes on BK Lobster for the last two years. To see what they accomplished during a global pandemic was very impressive,” George said in a statement. “Not since the 1950s when Burger King first started has the food industry seen a company grow at this speed. I said to myself, ‘I have to come and help take this to the next level.’”

Of the company’s announcement, BK Lobster CEO Rodney Bonds commented, “Our goal was always to attract a franchise investor who not only had the resources but passion and experience for the industry we are in. We are excited about having Greg on board who understands the vision completely and decided to get behind us both resourcefully and financially to take BK Lobster to the next level.”

“Adding Greg to the team is one of our best moves we’ve made so far,” added BK Lobster COO Ed Williams. “Each stage of growth in the company is going to take the franchisee movers and shakers like Greg and Foodie Franchises to the next level as well.”

About BK Lobster

BK Lobster was founded and opened its first location in 2019 by founder Rodney Bonds. Now based in South Florida, the company offers a fast-casual seafood bar featuring lobster as its core product, making it one of the most innovative restaurant franchises of the past decade. BK Lobster offers interested franchisees the option to earn profit from several revenue streams including quick dine-in service, take-out, catering, and delivery. The startup for a BK Lobster franchise costs from $160,000 to $255,000 with a short startup time of 60-120 days. You can learn more about BK Lobster in the press in Forbes, Restaurant News, DailyMail, Yahoo, MSN and Eater.

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