Best Bitcoin Destinations for Travel Enthusiasts



Whether you are a Bitcoin enthusiast who likes to travel? Let me tell you that there are certain locations around the world where you can enjoy being freebie while executing cryptocurrency payments during your travel across beautiful sights!!

Nowadays, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are sprawling their legs, it has become easier to travel to various destinations without having to worry about the overseas travel cash limit likewise debit card transaction. The task of converting fiat to BTC becomes so easy and that makes even easier while going abroad and not having to bother with the central bank authorized spending limits.

The aforesaid is one of the benefits offered by virtual currencies. However, one can’t easily execute transaction through these virtual coins in every country.

Following are crypto friendly countries that help you to conveniently use cryptocurrencies during vacation:


Switzerland is one of the best countries which is always inclined to commerce, innovation, and technology. The country is home to many cryptocurrencies and blockchain related businesses. There are certain concerted efforts provided by state officials to set-up the country’s status as a crypto friendly nation. With this, travelers can even execute their payments while using Bitcoin. If you can imagine traveling one of those train rides through the Alps and seeing the truly remarkable sights along the way.


The most crypto friendly country is considered one of the pioneers amongst all the crypto friendly countries in the world. The North African Coast, the Mediterranean island nation has withdrawn all the restriction in its quest to become a global virtual currency and blockchain technology HUB. Not only that, the global giants like OKEx and Finance have already moved to Malta. The government has also crafted positive and crypto friendly and cryptocurrency regulations.


The other crypto friendly destination is Caribbean Island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Beginning of this year, Bitcoinist reported that disputatious billionaire, Calvin Ayre was creating a $100 million Bitcoin Cash resort in the country. With this, the government of the country has passed a law that consolidates citizenship payments in Bitcoin. The state officials have been working hard to set-up the nation’s Bitcoin regulations since last year.


Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport set up the first one Bitcoin ATM based in a European airport. Out of total 23 cryptocurrency ATMs in the Netherlands, more than half are based in Amsterdam city alone. This is not confined up to here, however the renowned metropolitan vacation destination, Amsterdam is also home to one of the largest cryptocurrency commerce territory in the world. The city has made lots of efforts to improve Bitcoin commerce by creating a ‘Bitcoin City Initiative’ constantly since 2014. There are numerous city-based traders adopted BTC payments as a result of the initiative by creating it a prime destination for those who would prefer to use cryptocurrency payments while on vacation.

Now it’s up to you as to which Bitcoin-friendly location would you like to travel on your next vacation? Well, the best is yet to come, as the cryptocurrency has still a long way to go!!

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