Beer Sauce has opened a new location in Ballwin, Missouri

Beer Sauce recently opened a retail store in Ballwin, Missouri, offering 600 beers from around the world and more.

Ballwin, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview) Today, out of curiosity, we stopped in to see what this new location in Ballwin, Missouri was all about.  In a convenient location on Manchester Road is the newest location of Beer Sauce store.  It is not a bar, it is not a store, it is not a lounge, and it is not a restaurant, but it is a unique shopping experience created for beer and BBQ lovers.   Yes, they offer a bar small bar area as well as a BBQ menu with retail sales.  One of the most impressive business models we have seen recently.  According to Adam, this location opened in September 2020.  As we all know, this was not the best time to open a new business, but it appears to be paying off.

Two upcoming events are poised to make this new business in Ballwin a big hit.  St. Patrick’s Day and Spring 2021.  After being locked down for a year, and these two upcoming events, you might want to visit this location sooner rather than later.   They offer Craft Beer & Sauce Tasting and Shopping Experience with 600 Craft Beers, 200 Sauces & Rubs, and a BBQ Sandwich menu.  If you are a beer and BBQ fan, this is the perfect store to visit, but don’t plan on making it a fast trip.  Their inventory is impressive and huge.  While we did not have time to explore, we plan to do so soon, but with 600 beers, there has to be something available for everybody.

This is not a review as we did not try any of the beers or BBQ.  I just stopped in and was impressed with the business model and hundreds of options for consumers to browse and explore.

They offer online shopping, including Craft Beers, Sauce Bar, Whiskey Lounge, Flavorful Gifts, Shirts, Hoodies, and Hats.  Additionally, they offer programs to support customer engagement, including:

  • Beer of the Month Club
  • Mug Club
  • Whiskey Club
  • Sauce of the Month Club

We visited briefly with the manager about this location and company.  We don’t have much more information available until we visit the owners.  Still, we are impressed with the atmosphere and business model.  We think that as consumers break out from the lockdown, they might want to visit to find their new favorite hangout.  We will certainly be obtaining as much additional information as we can to report.  Google gives this location a 4.8 Star based on 16 reviews.

According to the Beer Sauce website, they have two other locations in the St. Louis region and another location scheduled to open in Kansas City, Missouri, in March of 2021.  CLICK to view the PDF menu with additional information.

  1. 318 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St. Peters, Missouri
  2. 3880 Lindbergh Blvd, Sunset Hills, Missouri
  3. 1201 West 103rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64114 – To Open March 2021
  4. 14738 B Manchester Road, Ballwin, Missouri 63011

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