Arizona’s Continued Commitment To Water Conservation

Arizona’s Continued Commitment To Water Conservation

PHOENIX, AZ (STL.News) Two years ago this Sunday, Governor Doug Ducey signed the Drought Contingency Plan, a historic effort by Arizona and six other western states to manage one of their most precious resources: water.  As part of the multi-state Drought Contingency Plan (DCP), Arizona is committed to conserving more water from the Colorado River.

Alongside the plan, Governor Ducey created the Governor’s Water Augmentation Innovation and Conservation Council and signed into law the Groundwater Conservation Grant program, which helps protect Arizona’s groundwater resources by focusing on water education, innovation and technology.

The Groundwater Conservation Grant program provides for conservation projects in Arizona’s five Active Management Areas: Prescott, Phoenix, Pinal, Tucson and Santa Cruz.

The Groundwater Conservation Grant program provided $2 million to AMAs for a variety of groundwater conservation projects and programs to protect Arizona’s groundwater resources.  The grant proposals focused on water innovation and technology, infrastructure water efficiency, ecological enhancement and public outreach and engagement. Strategies were laid out within the projects to reach goals to reduce consumption and withdrawal of groundwater, reduce the loss and waste of water, improve water efficiency, and increase in the reuse and recycling of wastewater.  The conservation projects have the potential to conserve more than 12,000 acre-feet (AF) of groundwater each year and impact more than 80,000 people.

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