Applebee’s Restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Bring Back its DOLLARITA – Margaritas for a Buck – for the Entire Month of May 2021

Local Applebee’s franchisee, Apple Texas, will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with $5 Top Shelf Margaritas and $5 Chips & Queso on May 5th All Day

And Back by Popular Demand, THE LARGEST MARGARITA IN TEXAS Will Be on Display at Applebee’s in Grapevine

Dallas, TX  (  As the saying goes, Everything’s Bigger in Texas yet the price of margaritas is about to get lower for the entire month of May at select Applebee’s in The Lone Star State.

Starting today, Applebee’s restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex will get an early start on Cinco de Mayo and keep it going all May long with the return of the DOLLARITA – a 10 oz house margarita for only one dollar.

In addition, on Cinco de Mayo itself, DFW Applebee’s will feature $5 Top Shelf Margaritas and $5 Chips & Queso. Perhaps better yet, Applebee’s will commemorate the holiday by recreating THE LARGEST MARGARITA IN TEXAS, which debuted on National Margarita Day in February, at its Grapevine restaurant.

Chris Dharod, president of SSCP Management, Inc.

The DOLLARITA, the brainchild of Chris Dharod, senior executive at SSCP Management, which owns and operates 57 Applebee’s restaurants in Texas, started in 2017 and was so popular that it was made available by Applebee’s restaurants across the country.

Diana Isaacson, Director of Marketing or SSCP Management, Inc.

It makes rare appearances, even more rarely for an entire month, yet SSCP’s Director of Marketing Diana Isaacson felt leading up to Cinco de Mayo and the entire month of May was perfect time to bring back the popular cocktail.

“We want to get the party started early and keep it going all month long, so get ready to get your tequila on … and your lime and your triple sec because no one makes better margaritas than Applebee’s,” said Isaacson. “The DOLLARITA should have its own national holiday, yet we’ll do our part to make it a month to remember. We will also be offering our top-shelf margaritas for $5 on Cinco de Mayo made with Hornitos Reposado in a variety of delicious flavors including strawberry, mango, peach and watermelon. We invite our neighbors to join us on Cinco de Mayo and the entire month of May.”

Apple Texas is also celebrating Cinco de Mayo by rolling out for the second time the largest mug in Texas, also from the creative mind of Dharod, in order to make, you guessed it, THE LARGEST MARGARITA IN TEXAS. The behemoth is six feet tall and four and a half feet wide and holds 65 gallons of margarita.

THE LARGEST MARGARITA IN TEXAS is a sight to behold and is just pure fun,” continued Isaacson. “Join us at our restaurant in Grapevine to see it yourself, grab a selfie and enjoy your own Dollarita.”

The local team of Applebee’s mixologists will recreate the following recipe to perfectly replicate the DOLLARITA on a much, much larger scale:

473 oz Gold Tequila – 14-liter bottles or 18.5 750ml bottles
169 oz Triple Sec – 5-liter bottles or 6.5 750ml bottles
2028 oz of proprietary margarita mix

Add water and fill with ice, which puts this concoction about an inch from the top. The result:

22 gallons of margarita
2816 oz of margarita

Guests must be 21 years old or over to enjoy its margaritas on National Margarita Day. As always, Applebee’s reminds you to please drink responsibly.



About Apple Texas

Dallas-based Apple Texas is a subsidiary of SSCP Management, Inc., owned by Sunil Dharod, a Dallas businessman and philanthropist. Apple Texas operates 57 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar restaurants in Texas.

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