America – Open Up the Oil Industry – Save the World

America needs to open up the oil industry to save the world.

(STL.News)  It is time to set politics aside.  Support the American oil industry.  Please put them in complete drilling and production immediately in preparation for Russia‘s retaliation.  The world needs to rely on the American oil industry, not Russia.  The world has given Putin the power and money to use his oil industry to bring the world to the edge of extinction.  This is not a political debate but a step for survival to end an evil leader.

It is the perfect time for our leaders to establish a safe plan and save their political status.

Releasing America from Russian dependency is critical.  This is not a political debate.  It is survival.  Don’t make more mistakes!  Green is good but will take time.  Liberating the world and financially breaking Russia is critical.  The political damage will be worse by not taking action.  Now is the time!

Buying Russian oil gives them the funds to threaten the world?  This needs to END TODAY!  DRILL!  Stop buying oil from Russia.  Stop buying all Russian products and services.  These are economic tasks that need to take place.  CRUSH Russia economically!

What good are sanctions if we continue to buy oil from Russia?  Will somebody please offer a reasonable answer to this question?

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