Alabama Unveils New Emergency Alert System CodeRED

MONTGOMERY, AL (STL.News) The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) has launched a new high-speed notification system known as CodeRED, designed to notify residents of missing person alerts throughout the state.  ALEA unveiled the new system on Tuesday, May 25, to highlight National Missing Children’s Day.

“Our Alabama Fusion Center (AFC) will use the new state-of-the-art system to issue alerts in the event of a missing person and it will have the capability to quickly deliver essential information to citizens throughout the state or in a targeted area, depending on the situation,” Gov. Kay Ivey said.  “I encourage all Alabamians to consider enrolling in the new alert system, which will allow everyone to be vigilant and stay informed once a missing person alert is issued.”

ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor said, “We are continuously looking for ways to improve our overall operations and efficiently serve the citizens of this state.  ALEA’s Fusion Center has worked diligently to provide citizens with a new alert system that can easily be accessed.  CodeRED will allow all Alabamians to quickly subscribe to alerts via a variety of methods and it will deliver time-sensitive information during high-stress situations where time is of the essence for those missing loved ones.”

CodeRED gives those who want to be included an easy and secure method for inputting information. 

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