Access to 250,000 Potential Customers Is One Free Offer Away

(  The average American eats out four to five times a week, according to one study, and getting them through the doors to your restaurant could be easier than you ever imagined thanks to a program from Goal Getters that has local newspaper subscribers seeing your restaurant’s name on a daily basis.

A Free Opportunity That Means Access To More Customers

Goal Getters builds subscription rewards cards for local newspapers across the country. These rewards cards include offers for free trips to the salon, car wash discounts, and, most importantly, discounts to local restaurants. With hundreds of papers using their services, Goal Getters is continually looking for new offers to add to their cards. Every company that adds their business name to the list means access to up to 250,000 potential customers, and that could mean a lot of business through the door.

“We know that rewarding customers for shopping with discounts works when it comes to marketing,” said Al Zuffrano, Goal Getters President. “Using this easy method to do it simplifies the entire process.”

The chance to connect with new customers is a must, particularly after a year that has been so difficult for many restaurants. This opportunity means accessing customers who may not visit your locations on their own, but certainly will thanks to your brand’s presence on their loyalty cards. The best part for restaurants like yours? It’s free advertising, and you design your offer. Whether it’s a buy-one-get-one-free offer or a percentage off, you’ll be exposing new customers to your amazing dining experience.

The Time to Move Forward Is Now

Goal Getters is currently recruiting restaurants like yours to add to their subscriber rewards cards. If you’re interested in accessing up to 250,000 potential new customers, reach out to the team at 708.204.9800.

Since 1986, Goal Getters has been creating customer retention programs for local papers across the country. Led by Al Zuffrano, the team creates unique rewards systems designed specifically to meet the needs of local customers.

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