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FeedPublish.com – A Blog Aggregator

FeedPublish.com is an aggregated blog site.  It is a highly valued domain name with a significant inbound link portfolio, which will help blog site owners rankings in the major search engines search results like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Ahrefs rates FeedPublish.com at 831,202 with a UR Rating of 84, DR Rating of 47 with 1.37M back-links from 11.9K referring domains (rating info was as of October 13, 2018).

FeedPublish.com was recently featured in an article on STL.News.

Our sole objective is to help bloggers market their blog site.  We do that by exposing their content to our audience, which will increase their search engine rankings and help drive traffic to the blog owners blog site.  However, we do not show the entire blog article, therefore, visitors will be forced to follow the do-follow links to read the entire article.

For a reasonable monthly feed bloggers can submit their RSS feed for consideration of being aggregated.  We do not publish blog feeds with socially threatening content.  FeedPublish.com reserves the right to aggregate or deny aggregation from any site that we feel is inappropriate for our publication or society in general.  If we do not provide the answers to questions that you might have please refer to the Contact page.

While we approve every feed, please follow the guidelines established below:

  1. No inappropriate language.
  2. No inappropriate pictures or videos.
  3. Nothing threatening about any country, society, race, religion or sex.
  4. No inappropriate content relating to children.
  5. Please do not use this site for marketing purposes.
  6. Do not submit RSS aggregated content.  Content does not need to be original, but it must not be provided to your blog via an RSS feed.
  7. No spam.
  8. No content about illegal activities including drug use,manufacturing, distribution, etc.
  9. Do not submit blogs with content that violate any other sites copyright and/or user agreements.
  10. Use of our content is forbidden without first obtaining written permission.
  11. We “prefer” that your blog be protected using an SSL certificate.
  12. By submitting your blog to FeedPublish.com you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined herein.  Additionally, your submission serves as confirmation that you agree to abide by laws established by federal, state and local authorities.  
  13. By submitting your blog to FeedPublish.com you are agreeing that any violations by you to these guidelines that results in FeedPublish.com incurring an additional expense or legal advice will be reimbursed to us by you.