7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery join forces to introduce ARTISAN

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A throwback to simpler times, ARTISAN brings an elevated fast-casual dining experience to Orange County – Late July 2021

Fountain Valley, CA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Two well known and loved Orange County-based culinary brands, 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery, have come together to create ARTISAN, an elevated fast-casual restaurant and café set to open late July in Fountain Valley (10065 Garfield Ave. in Fountain Valley). The new concept, which builds on the popularity of the 7 Leaves brand with a focused, chef-driven menu and baked goods that highlight quality ingredients and attention to detail.

“With the ARTISAN concept, we want to take the trust and sense of community that we’ve built over the past decade to the next level with an elevated offering that dives deeper into the guest experience,” 7 Leaves Co-Founder Sonny Nguyen, whose vision has led to 25 locations of 7 Leaves Café currently open in 3 states. “Our lives are moving faster than ever and ARTISAN is meant to allow for a moment to pause, to take the time to enjoy, reflect and appreciate life – for us, that’s what it’s all about.”

Photo Credit: Max Milla
Photo Credit: Max Milla


Upon entering the 3,000-square-foot restaurant and café, guests will be immersed into an environment that revolves around chic European style, reminiscent of a fine Parisian boulangeries, complete with a display of fresh-baked breads and pastries. The space is meant to replicate the feeling of being invited into a friend’s home with dining room décor that is inviting and comfortable. ARTISAN will focus on authenticity and dedication to quality through every facet of the brand, beginning with its well-trained staff to provide the highest quality service and an attentive and educational approach to every guest.

The culinary team dedicated to presenting a chef-driven experience, will be led by the masterminds behind local favorite, Crema Bakery.

“While we strive to present a menu that is rooting in carefully sourced ingredients and time-intensive preparation, we are intent on being approachable, affordable and craveable,” explained Crema Bakery Owner & Chief Executive Baker Tarit Tanjasiri, whose baked goods can be found at many of the region’s best restaurants. “The word ‘artisan’ in a food context refers to those products that are crafted by the hand of a master in the kitchen, utilizing whole ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle for the individual and the community, as a whole. In staying true to the brand, the 7 Leaves team has curated an elevated experience, while doing it in a way that will leave our guests wanting more.”

Photo Credit: Max Milla
Photo Credit: Max Milla


The ARTISAN menu is innovative, energetic and authentic, with brunch-focused anytime dishes that are meant to suit a wide variety of palates. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Chad Urata, guests can indulge in a “Perfect” Omelette, Parisian Eggs Benedict, and classic Avocado Toast. Handheld dishes included a Bacon & Egg Sandwich and Mochiko Chicken Sandwich. Baked goods, made fresh daily, include a variety of breads, croissants, cookies, macarons, and the noteworthy Artisan Croffle.

“While all of our baked goods are made by hand using the best ingredients – the most important being time – our stand-out offering is definitely the Artisan Croffle,” explained Tanjasiri, who explained that his baguettes have a 48-hour preparation time and are made with only flour, water, salt, and yeast. “Croffle is a portmanteau of Croissant and Waffle, since we take our signature croissant dough and cook it in a waffle iron, rather than the over to create a truly unique item that is crisp, yet flaky and buttery all at once. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever had.”

Photo Credit: Max Milla
Photo Credit: Max Milla


The 7 Leaves brand has built an almost cult-like following for its incredible teas and ARTISAN will feature the most popular, including Sea Cream Jasmine, Japanese Matcha, Summer Mint, Sunset Passion, and Strawberry Hibiscus. ARTISAN will build on its core tea menu with offerings that are unique to the brand, including a Green and Red Thai Tea. The menu also features barista-created coffee and espresso drinks, such as Sea Cream Black Coffee and a Honey Vanilla Latte.

“The 7 Leaves brand has grown to more than two dozen locations because we have always listened to our guests and focused on seeing the world through their eyes,” explained Nguyen, who will be opening at least two more 7 Leaves Cafés this year. “That philosophy has led to a trust that is invaluable and will only grow as we embark on our ARTISAN journey with partners like Crema Bakery, who share our values and commitment to the guest.”

ARTISAN is set to open late July at 10065 Garfield Avenue in Fountain Valley. Currently, the restaurant offers drive-through service for limited offerings. Upon opening, the restaurant hours will be 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. For more information, please visit https://7leavescafe.com.


ARTISAN is a restaurant and café concept brought to life by a partnership between 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery. The flagship location in Fountain Valley boasts a hand-crafted, chef-driven menu, as well as a selection of tea, coffee and espresso beverages meant to deliver an elevated experience rooted in quality and attention to detail. For more information, please visit https://7leavescafe.com.

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